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Working Professionally with Your Drone

Video Introducing this tutorial
Note: This course was created by Luisa Winters. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
Introduction :
What you'll learn in this course
Using the exercise files
What you need to know before starting this course
1. Let's Be Legal :
Part 107 certification
Flying in restricted areas
Authorization via drone zone
Waivers: Which one you need and how to get
Remote ID: What is it? Do you need to have it?
Risk mitigation techniques
2. Getting the Client: Making Money :
Presenting your work: What does the client really need?
Pricing your work
Which drone do you need to get the job done?
3. Real Estate :
Using drones for real estate
Drones for commercial real estate
Drones for residential real estate
Editing and delivering real estate photos
Editing and delivering real estate videos
4. Drones in Cinematic Work :
What is cinematic work?
Getting the client
Shots to get
What to look for while in the field
5. Drones for Construction :
What kind of work are you doing for your construction client?
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Drones and mapping: Getting the shots and processing them
Progress reports: Automating your drone flight to get the same images each time
Delivering your work
6. Flying Your Drone at Night :
Recognize what constitutes a night flight
Dark adaptation and ways to protect night vision
Physiological conditions affecting your night vision
Drone and flight area lighting
Visual illusions
Blind spots
7. Aerial Hyperlapses :
What are hyperlapses?
Getting a good aerial hyperlapse: Setup
Aerial hyperlapses: What works and what doesn’t?
Processing your hyperlapse in After Effects
8. Aerial 360 Video :
360 video: Why use drones?
What's the best drone and camera for 360 aerial video?
360 drone setup and flight
Editing your aerial 360 video in Premiere Pro
Conclusion :