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Windows Debugger (WinDBG) for Native Debugging

How to Get WinDBG from the SDK
WinDBG Workspaces and Setting Up the Base Workspace
Starting Processes Under WinDBG and Basic Operation
Attaching to and Detaching from Processes
Using VS and WinDBG to Debug a Process Concurrently
WinDBG Command Types and the .hh Command
Logging: .logopen Command
A Very Helpful Undocumented Command
WinDBG Symbol Syntax
Process Chain Debugging: |, s, and .childdbg
Threads: the ~, s, f, and u
Call Stacks: k
Data Display: dv, ??, and dt
Symbol Information: x, ln, and lm
Other Commands: d*, dps, r and rf
Control Commands, g, gc, p, t, and gu
Control Commands: wt
Conditional Commands: j and z
WinDBG Expression Evaluation
Exception Handling and Event Filtering
Breakpoint Manipulation Commands: bl, bc, bd, and be
Location Breakpoints: bu
Memory Breakpoints: ba
Symbol Breakpoints: bm
Process Commands: .attach, .create, .detach, .kill, and .tlist
Function Evaluation: .call Command
Bang Command Introduction: .chain, !help, and .load
Critical-Section Deadlocks: !locks and !critsec
DLL Address Command: !dlls
Error Message Commands: !gle and !error
Operating System Heap Information: !heap
Handle Information: !handle and !htrace
Remote Debugging
Creating Minidumps: .dump
Creating Minidumps Programmatically
Opening Minidumps: !analyze
Another Very Helpful Undocumented Command