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Whats New for Web API in ASP.NET 5

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Objectives
What is the Cloud and Why Should I Care?
.NET Core 5: New Runtime, New Libraries
ASP.NET 5 Architecture
DNX: The .NET Execution Environment
Project.json File
Global.json File
Hello World on Mac OS X (Demo)
ASP.NET 5’s Use of Roslyn
Changes to the NuGet Package Manager
New HTTP Request Pipeline
Configuring the Pipeline with a Startup Class
Hello Web on Linux Ubuntu (Demo)
Hello Web on Windows using Visual Studio 2015 (Demo)
Adding Custom Middleware to the ASP.NET 5 Pipeline (Demo)
Your First Web API with ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 (Demo)
New Configuration System
Baked-In Dependency Injection System
Configuration and Dependency Injection in ASP.NET 5 (Demo)
Changes to Web API in MVC 6
Migrating Web API v2 with the Compatibility Shim
Using OWIN Hosting Today for Easier Migration Tomorrow