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Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2013

Video Introducing this tutorial

Unit Tests
Testing Categories
Unit Tests Test a Single Unit of Work
It’s Not a Unit Test if…
A Basic Unit Test
Properties of a Good Unit Test
Benefits of Writing Unit Tests
Calculator with MS Test (Demo)
Test Driven Development
You’ll Write Better Code with TDD
TDD Basics with Stack (Demo)
Choose your Framework
Unit Test Plug-In with NuGet (Demo)
Naming Convention
What Should I Test?
Unit Tests are Requirements
Test Your “Right-BICEP”
Boundary Conditions
Data-Driven Tests
Calculator with Data-Driven Tests (Demo)
Testing Difficult Code
Code Testability
Mocking Frameworks
Demo Rhino Mocks
Microsoft Fakes
Code Digger
Code Coverage
Approval Tests
Approval Tests (Demo)
Database Unit Testing
Database Unit Test (Demo)
SharePoint Unit Testing
Team Foundation Build
Wrap-Up and Unit Test Checklist

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