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The R Programming Language, Part 1

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is R?
Installing the R Engine (Demo)
Launching RGui (Demo)
Basic Commands in RGui (Demo)
Launching Help from RGui (Demo)
Viewing Open-Source Functions in RGui (Demo)
Installing RStudio (Demo)
Basic Commands in RStudio (Demo)
Simple Plotting with RStudio (Demo)
Viewing Community-Installed Packages (Demo)
Accessing Help and IntelliSense in RStudio (Demo)
RStudio Project Files (Demo)
Opening Script Files in RStudio (Demo)
Setting Breakpoints in RStudio (Demo)
Configuring the RStudio Development Environment (Demo)
Debugging Scripts in RStudio (Demo)
Installing RTVS (Demo)
Basic Commands in RTVS (Demo)
Assigning Variables in RTVS (Demo)
Accessing Help in RTVS (Demo)
RTVS Project Files (Demo)
Viewing and Exporting Plots in RTVS (Demo)
Debugging Scripts in RTVS (Demo)
R Tools Menu in RTVS (Demo)
Microsoft R Products (Demo)