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Micorosoft Virtual Academy Introduction to WebGL 3D with HTML5 and Babylon.js

Video Introducing this tutorial

3D on the Web: Understanding the Basics :
Understanding 3D Basics via a soft engine
Understanding the Transformation pipeline
Its all about triangles
Moving from CPU to GPU

WebGL Basics :
WebGL 101
Understanding Geometries and shaders
Performance Considerations
Intro Babylon.Js

Using Babylon.js for Beginners :
Basic Scene components, meshes, lights and camera
Using the Playground

Understanding Materials and Inputs :
Working with Inputs

Game Pipeline Integration with Babylon.js :
Working with Blender 3D
Working with 3ds Max

Loading Assets :
Loading your scene, Meshes and assets
Creating a 3D Windows Universal App
Understanding Offline Mode

Babylon.js: Advanced Features :
Picking Meshes
Create your own Shaders
Physics Simulation
CSG: Constructive Solid Geometries

Special Effects :
Lens Flares

Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook :
Physics for Game Developers Book
WebGL Game Development Book
Download Free Visual Studio Community 2013
Dev Center Benefits to Market your Windows Apps
Host 10 Apps for Free
Windows 10 Developer Tools

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