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Mastering Assembly Language

The CPU and Assembly Language
CPU Registers
CPU Register Special Purposes
Instruction Format, Operands, and Memory References
Inline Assembler and the NOP Instruction
PUSH, POP, and How to Correctly Watch the Stack
MOV Instruction
SUB and ADD Instructions
32-Bit Function Prolog and Epilog
LEA Instruction
CALL and RET Instructions
32-Bit Calling Conventions
32-Bit __cdecl Calling Convention
32-Bit __stdcall Calling Convention
32-Bit __fastcall Calling Convention
32-Bit This Calling Convention
32-Bit Naked Calling Convention
The One 64-Bit Calling Convention
“Parameters are Positive” for 32-Bit Parameter Access
Full 32-Bit Stack Setup Example
Full 64-Bit Stack Setup Example
Data Manipulation Instructions: AND, OR, NOT, NEG, XOR, INC, DEC, SHL, SHR, MOVSX, MOVZX, and the LOCK Prefix
Comparing and Testing Instructions: CMP and TEST
Branch Instructions: JMP, JE, JL, JG, JNE, JGE, and JLE
String Instructions: MOVS, SCAS, STOS, CMPS, and The REP, REPE, and REPNE Prefixes
Vectorization and SSE2 Instructions
FS and GS Registers for the Thread Information Block
Structures and Classes in Memory
C++ Classes and the this Pointer