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Introduction to Visual Studio Extensions Part 1-2

Video Introducing this tutorial

Part 1 :
What is Visual Studio?
What are Visual Studio Extensions?
Visual Studio Extensions Course Objectives
Confusion Between Extensions and NuGet Packages
Let's Get Started
Selecting the Right Project Type
Creating a New Visual Studio Tool Extension Project (Demo)
Visual Studio Experimental Mode
Running and Debugging a Visual Studio Extension (Demo)
Using the Tool Window
Coding the Tool Window (Demo)
Getting Access to the Package Object
Adding Tools Options (Demo)
Retrieving Tool Options (Demo)
Getting Access to Visual Studio Programmatically
Accessing the Extension's Output Window Pane
Sending Output to the Output Pane (Demo)

Part 2:
Additional Information about SDTE
Using Linq to Easily Navigate Solution Objects
Kinds of Project items
Manipulating a Visual Studio Solution with the Extension Tool (Demo)
Understanding File Editing
Modifying a File with the Tool Extension (Demo)
Distributing a Visual Studio Tool Extension
Setting Up IIS to Distribute Visual Studio Tool Extensions (Demo)