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Windows 10 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Learn Windows 10
Use the exercise files
Learn with older versions of Windows 10
Windows 10 S and other editions

1. Getting Started :
Understanding the login account
First time setup and signing in
Sign in, shut down, sleep, and restart
Interface with the taskbar and windows
Adjust system settings
Connect wired and Bluetooth wireless accessories
Mouse and trackpad options
Use keyboard shortcuts
Connecting to the internet
Update Windows 10

2. Launch and Use Applications :
Launch applications from the Start menu or taskbar
Quit applications
Customize the Start menu and taskbar
Multitasking to switch between applications
Switch to tablet mode
Use touch screen controls in Windows

3. File Explorer: The Windows Filing Cabinet :
Browse through folders
Essential folder structure, including the user folder
Use shortcuts to essential folders
Make your own shortcuts in File Explorer
Customize the File Explorer interface
Create and rename folders
Move and copy files
Delete files and folders
Zip and unzip archive files
Save files within an application
Use an external drive or memory stick

4. Work with the Desktop :
Organize items on the desktop
Change the wallpaper and other visuals

5. Work with Bundled Applications :
Use bundled applications
Use the bundled Office apps
Organize and edit photos
Browse the web with Edge
Clear your web browsing history

6. Work with Mail, Address Book, and Calendars :
Link online accounts to Mail, People, and Calendar
Work with the Mail app
Essential settings in the Mail app
Use the Calendar
Manage your contacts in the People app

7. Install and Manage Applications :
Set app privacy and permissions
Install applications from Microsoft Store
Install applications from the web or install disk
Uninstall applications
Set up a printer

8. Manage Notifications :
Manage notifications
Disable notifications with Focus Assist

9. Account Settings :
Manage multiple user accounts
Change password and sign-in options
Change your login account type

10. Cortana and Windows Search :
Use Windows Search
Use Cortana for voice commands

11. Share Data between Devices :
Link a phone to Windows
Use Nearby sharing between computers

12. Backup :
Set up a backup

Conclusion :
Find more training opportunities for Windows