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Vue.js: Testing and Debugging

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Testing Vue applications
What you should know
Exercise files for testing and debugging
Why you need to test

1. Setting Up Testing Tools :
Setting up the sample project
What makes up a testing toolkit?
Getting started with Jest
Syntax error checking with ESLint

2. Unit Testing :
Installing and running Jest
Testing strings using matchers
Testing numeric values
Testing objects and arrays
Organizing tests
Testing asynchronous code
Analyzing test coverage

3. Testing Vue Components :
Mounting components using render
Accessing elements within a component
Firing events on components

4. Debugging with Vue and Chrome Developer tools :
Debugging errors using Chrome DevTools
Setting up Vue Devtools
Debugging with Vue Devtools
Tracking and debugging state
Running a performance audit

5. Functional and Automated Testing :
Introduction to Cypress
Running a simple end-to-end test with Cypress
Automated testing with CircleCI

Conclusion :
Next steps with testing