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VMware vSphere 7 Professional 8 Parts

Video Introducing this tutorial

01 Networking:
01.01-vmware networking lab environment
02.01-foundations review virtual networking
02.02-vsphere 7 standard switches
02.03-vsphere 7 distributed switches
02.04-demo create a vsphere distributed switch
02.05-demo configure distributed port groups
02.06-nsx-t 3.0 and vsphere 7
02.07-demo vsphere 7 distributed switch features
02.08-demo configure distributed port group security settings
02.09-demo configure distributed port group nic teamingfailover
02.10-demo configure traffic shaping on a port group
02.11-demo migrate vms to a vsphere 7 distributed switch
02.12-demo verify network configuration in vsphere 7
02.13-network io control (nioc) in vsphere 7
02.14-demo configure network io control (nioc)
02.15-private vlans
02.16-demo configure private vlans in vsphere 7
02.17-demo configure port mirroring in vsphere 7
02.18-demo configure netflow on a vsphere distributed switch (vds)

02 Storage:
01.01-vmware storage lab environment
02.01-storage performance overview
02.02-vmfs and nfs datastores on vsphere 7
02.03-nfs version 3 and 4.1
02.04-demo create an nfs datastore in vsphere 7
02.05-introduction to iscsi storage
02.06-demo connect an esxi host to an iscsi storage array
02.07-demo create a vmfs6 datastore
02.08-demo expand a vmfs datastore
02.09-demo storage port bindings and multipathing policies
02.10-dependent hardware iscsi and esxi 7
02.11-independent hardware iscsi and esxi 7
02.12-introduction to storage drs (sdrs)
02.13-demo create a storage drs cluster (sdrs) in vsphere 7
02.14-vsan vs. traditional storage arrays
02.15-vsan basic architecture
02.16-vsan disk groups
02.17-demo vsan network configuration for vsphere 7
02.18-demo create a vsan cluster
02.19-virtual volumes (vvol)
02.20-demo storage io control (sioc) for vsphere 7

03 Monitoring Tools:
01.01-vmware monitoring lab environment
02.01-the vsphere cpu scheduler
02.02-memory virtualization
02.03-demo vm performance charts in vsphere 7
02.04-introduction to esxtop in esxi 7
02.05-demo using esxtop to monitor an esxi 7 host

04 Securing a vSphere Deployment:
01.01-vmware securing a vsphere lab environment
02.01-vcenter single sign-on (sso)
02.02-vcenter single sign-on (sso) configuration
02.03-vcenter 7 identity federation
02.04-demo roles and permissions for vsphere 7
02.05-demo vm encryption for vsphere 7
02.06-demo secure boot and encrypted vmotion
02.07-demo working with the esxi 7 host firewall
02.08-demo configure lockdown mode on an esxi 7 host

05 Updates and Upgrades:
01.01-vmware updates and upgrades lab environment
02.01-lifecycle manager
02.02-vsphere 7 update planner
02.03-demo assign licenses to vcenter and esxi
02.04-demo install vmware tools on a single vm in vsphere 7
02.05-demo update vmware tools for vsphere 7
02.06-demo update vm virtual hardware for vsphere 7
02.07-upgrading esxi 6.7 to esxi 7
02.08-demo interactive esxi 6.7 upgrade to esxi 7
02.09-demo upgrade esxi 6.5 to esxi 7 using lifecycle manager
02.10-demo upgrade vcenter server appliance from 6.7 to 7

06 Deploying VMs and Hosts:
01.01-vmware deploying vms and hosts lab environment
02.01-about this section
02.02-demo how to register and unregister a vm in vsphere 7
02.03-demo working with vmx files in vsphere 7
02.04-demo vm advanced settings in vsphere 7
02.05-demo deploying vms using vcenter converter
02.06-assignable hardware
02.07-using auto deploy to image esxi hosts

07 Resource Management:
01.01-vmware resource management lab environment
02.01-demo resource reservations and limits on a vsphere 7 vm
02.02-demo configuring shares on a vsphere 7 vm
02.03-demo cpu hotplug and memory hot add for vms
02.04-resource pools and vapps
02.05-scalable shares in vsphere 7
02.06-demo create resource pools in vsphere 7
02.07-demo expandable reservations in vsphere 7
02.08-demo configure vapps for multitier applications

08 Distributed Resource Scheduler DRS:
01.01-vmware distributed resource lab environment
02.01-about this course
02.02-drs enhancements in vsphere 7
02.03-demo create a drs cluster in vsphere 7
02.04-demo drs vm distribution and cpu over-commitment
02.05-demo drs distributed power management (dpm)
02.06-demo migrating hosts and resource pools to a drs cluster
02.07-demo monitor a drs cluster
02.08-demo drs 7 affinity rules groups and vm overrides
02.09-demo avoid downtime with drs maintenance mode in vsphere 7