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VMware vSphere 6.7 Installation, Configure and Manage (ICM)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module-01: Course Introduction :
Course Introduction

Module-02: Introduction to the Virtualization :
Module 02 - Overview
Lesson-1 "Overview of VMware vSphere and Virtual Machines"
Lesson-2 "Shared resources and Overview of ESXi"
Module 2: Introduction to vSphere and the Software-Defined Data Center

Module-03: Virtual Machine :
Module 03 - Overview
Lesson-1 Creating Virtual Machines
Lesson-2 VMware Tools
Module 03 - Creating Virtual Machines

Module 04: vCenter Server :
Module 04 - Overview
Lesson-1 Centralized Management: Overview of vCenter
Lesson-2 Monitoring vCenter Server Appliance
Lesson-3 Deploying vCenter Server Appliance
Lesson-4 Managing the vCenter Server Inventory
Lesson-5 vCenter Server Roles and Permissions
Lesson-6 Backing Up and Restoring vCenter Server
Lesson-7 Monitoring vCenter Server Appliance

Module-05: Networking :
Module 05 - Overview
Lesson-1 Introduction to vSphere Standard Switches
Lesson-2 Configuring Standard Switch Policies

Module-06: Storage :
Module-06 Overview
Lesson-1 Storage Concepts & Technologies

Module-07: Virtual Machine Management :
Module-07 Overview
Lesson-1 Creating Templates and Clones
Lesson-2 Working with Content Libraries
Lesson-3 Modifying Virtual Machines
Lesson-4 Migrating Virtual Machines
Lesson-5 Managing Virtual Machines

Module-08: Virtual CPU and Memory Concepts :
Module-08 Overview
Lesson-1 Virtual CPU and Memory Concepts
Lesson-2 Monitoring Resource Use
Lesson-3 Using Alarms
Lesson-4 Resource Controls and Resource Pools

Module-09: vSphere HA, vSphere Fault Tolerance, and Protecting Data :
Module-09 Overview
Lesson-1 "Introduction to vSphere HA"
Lesson-2 "Introduction to vSphere Fault Tolerance"
Lesson 3 "vSphere Replication"

Module-10: vSphere DRS Management :
Module-10 "Overview"
Lesson-1 "vSphere DRS"

Module-11: vSphere Update Manager :
Module-11 "Overview"
Lesson-1 "vSphere Update Manager"