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Unity VFX Graph – Beginner To Intermediate

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

VFX Graph Overview :
VFX Graph vs Particle System (Shuriken)
VFX Graph vs Particle System
Getting The Project Ready
Quick Project Overview
VFX Graph - Overview
VFX Graph Overview
VFX Graph Sparks - Spawn, Motion & Bounds
VFX Graph Sparks - Shape & Alignment
VFX Graph Sparks - Gravity & Color
VFX Graph Sparks - Set Position & World and Local Space
VFX Graph Sparks - Collisions & Trigger Events
Final VFX Graph Quiz

Orb Explosion :
Starting the Orb
Orb Texture
What did we use to create a ...?
Orb Flare
Create a new Flare texture.
Starting the Ground AoE
Starting the Explosion - Sparks
Explosion - Hemisphere
What did we use to spawn a ...?
Explosion - Noise Texture
Master Shader Graph - Distortion
Shader Graph Quiz
Master Shader Graph - Dissolve & Color
Explosion - Flare Hit
Explosion - Shockwave
Explosion - Ground Blur
Explosion - Ground Mark
Create a different Ground Mark texture.
Impact Flipbook - Frame 03
Impact Flipbook - Frames 02, 04 and 05
Impact Flipbook - Frames 01 and 06
Exporting the Impact Flipbook
Using the Impact Flipbook
How did we animate the ...?
Impact Ring Flipbook
Orb Particles In
Orb Improvements
Ground AoE Improvements
Explosion Improvements
Orb Explosion Variation 01
Orb Explosions Variation 02

Conclusion :
Last Few Words!