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Unity Space Shooter Game Development tutorial using C#

Video Introducing this tutorial

Project and Scene Setup :
Episode 1: Setting up the project
Episode2 Setting Up the Player
Episode 3 Setting Up the Camera
Episode 4 Setting Up Scene Lighting

Adding Game Elements :
Episode 5 Adding a Background to Game
Episode 6 Player Movement
Episode 7 Constraining the player to the Game Area
Episode 8 Scrolling Background
Episode 9 Tilting the player
Episode 10 Adding Shooting Bullets to Player
Episode 11 Spawning Bullets
Episode 12 Spawning Hazards in the Scene

Advancement in game :
Episode 13 Moving the player through touch
Episode 14 Adding a game Controller to the game
Episode 15 Spawning waves of hazards
Episode 16 Adding Audio to the Scene

Finalizing the game :
Episode 17 Displaying Scores
Episode 18 Enemy Space Ship
Episode 19 Evasive maneuver
Episode 20 Bullets Power Up
Episode 21 Game Over and Replay
Episode 22 Saving High score value
Episode 23 Building the game on mobile