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Unity: AR Visualization 01 Basic Concepts

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Learn the basics of creating AR in Unity
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Overview :
The value of mobile AR in AEC
Understanding mobile AR
Understanding interaction
Project overview

2. Setting AR Up in Unity :
Installing Unity
Setting up your project in Unity
The Package Manager
Setting up AR in Unity
Understanding AR session origin
Enabling the debug visualizations

3. Publishing Your AR Experience :
Getting ready for iOS
Publishing to iOS
Building an Xcode project
Getting ready for Android
Publishing to Android
Best practices for performance

4. Populating Up Your AR World :
Getting your model into Unity
Creating your manager script
Setting up AR events
Adding AR plane events
Creating a simple debug panel
Setting up the debug panel script
Driving the debug panel via script
AR comes to life

5. Adding Simple Interaction :
Using mobile input
Aligning your assets to your AR world
How to identify a component or mesh
Performant object selection
Getting more from your jet engine
Adding flow
Seeing your AR progress

6. Implementing UI :
Preparing for a simple dialog
Creating the dialog UI
Adding functionality to the dialog
Completing your dialog with a button
Wrapping up your interactivity
AR app in action

7. Bonus Content :
Upgrading to Unity 2021
Unity Reflect overview

Conclusion :
Next steps