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UltimateCourses – React Router v6

Video Introducing this tutorial
The Missing Introduction to React Router
Project Walkthrough and Install
Introducing the
and Path declarations
Switching elements with
Handling 404 Not Found routes
Redirecting 404 Not Found routes
Navigating to routes with
Active link states with
Active styles on
Nested Routes and
Fetching Data in Nested Routes
Relative and Absolute Navigation with
Creating Dynamic Routes
Reading Route Params with useParams() Hook
Fetching Dynamic Data with Route Params
Programmatic Navigation with useNavigate()
Replacing Router State on Navigation
Passing State on Navigation alongside useLocation()
Understanding Navigation Deltas with useNavigate()
Domain-Driven Nested Routes
Restricting Access with a Component
Re-investigating Relative Paths
Using with Nested Routes
Creating a new Product from a Form
Redirecting upon Product Create
Retrieving an existing Product
Updating an existing Product
Deleting an existing Product
Passing Props to Routed Components
Reading Search Params with useSearchParams()
Syncing Search Param State with UI State
Rendering UI from Search Param State
Scrolling to Top after Route Transitions
Object-based Route Config with useRoutes()
Code Splitting and Lazy-Loading Components
Creating a Suspense-ready Lazy-Load Component