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Zimbra Messaging Server Complete Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Course Introduction

Messaging Concept :
Messaging Concept (How email works)
Messaging Concept (DNS)
Messaging Concept (Email Protocols)
Messaging Concept (email DNS records)

Zimbra Server Components and System Installation :
Install Zimbra
Configure the Firewall (Firewalld)
Access Web Mail Client and Send you first email

Monitoring Zimbra Servers :
Monitor Zimbra
Monitoring Disk Space
Monitoring Mail Queues
Monitoring Mailbox Quotas
Monitoring Authentication Failures
Log Files

Configuring User Accounts :
Creating user account
Class Of Service (COS)
Creating aliases
Creating distribution list

Zimbra CLI :
Manage Accounts
Manage Aliases
Manage distribution lists

High Availability Cluster :
Cluster Concept
Configuration Overview
HA Cluster Setup Part-1
HA Cluster Setup Part-2
Fail Over Test

Security Best Practice :
Security Best Practice
Let's Encrypt
Fail2ban and Iptables

Backup and Restore :
Zmmailbox Utility
Backup & Restore

Q&A :
Configure DKIM

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