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Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days

Getting Started :
Welcome to this Course
Who Am I
How The Course Works
String Names
First 3 Chords
Another 3 Chords
Using a Metronome
Reading Guitar Tablature

Fingerpicking Basics :
The Big Rule
Fingerpicking over Two Chords
New Patterns over Two Chords
The Backwards Pattern
In The Style of REM

The Thumb :
Alternating Bass Notes
3 Left-Hand Patterns
Cheat Sheet
Goes Both Ways
Walking Bass
In The Style of Jeff Buckley
Song: The House of the Rising Sun

The Fingers :
Fingers Pattern 1
Fingers Pattern 2
Fingers Pattern 3
Six Note Sequences
Create Your Own Fingerpicking Sequences
In the Style of Ray LaMontagne

Advanced Techniques :
Starting Travis Picking
The Inside Outside Pattern
More on Travis Picking
Isolate and Build
Pinching with Travis Picking
The Clawhammer
In the Style of Simon & Garfunkel

Bonuses :
Barre Chords: Playing The F chord as a Beginner