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Zend Framework 2: Learn the PHP framework ZF2 from scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to this course

Core Concepts :
Introduction to Zend Framework 2
Web application architecture
Module Manager
Service Manager
Event Manager
View helpers
Controller plugins

Preparing the Project :
Introduction to Composer
Installing Zend Framework 2
Understanding the project structure
Creating the Blog module

Forms and Validation :
Adding new post form
Validation with input filters
Binding form data to objects

Working with Databases :
Creating the database schema
Configuring the database connection
Adding a service layer
Inserting posts into the database
Implementing an initializer
Displaying posts
Adding pagination of blog posts
Displaying a single post
Updating posts
Deleting posts
Using transactions
Improving design with CSS

Users & Authentication :
Creating the database schema
Creating the user module
Adding and saving users
Logging in
Logging out
Storing data in sessions
Adding a new layout
Adding author to posts

Conclusion :
Last words & summing up