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YOUTUBE Pro: Use YouTube Rank #1 on Google OverNight

Video Introducing this tutorial

The "Formula" and Why it Works :
Eureka! YouTube + Google = SEO4Video
Google & YouTube (and ME)! … A Love Story
The Lights, The Camera, The Action
Welcome and Introduction
Udemy Stuff: A Word About Feedback and Reviews

Research and Pre-Production :
Mining for Keywords - There's GOLD in them there Hills!
Power Tools - Some More Keyword Research Tools
The Dirty 2 Dozen - Developing your first Shot List
The Perfect Script: A Delicious Video Sandwich
Fine-tuning your YouTube Channel: Never too early to Optimize
KeyWord Importance
3 questions

Time to Go Live :
Upload and Optimize: The Clock I$ Ticking
Getting the most out of YouTube's Description Box
More on YouTube's Description Box: Help your viewer navigate your video
The Secret behind YouTube's Closed Captioning tool
Congratulations … You're ALMOST there!
The Icing on the Cake: YouTube's semi-transparent Call-to-Action Overlay

Further Discussion :
Video Optimization and Affiliate Marketing
Hypothetical Exercise Goes Better than Expected!
More proof it works: YouTube + Google = SEO4Video
Beware - YouTube's Semi-Transparent Overlay has Changed!!
And it Only Gets Better! More Good Stuff in April 2015

Updates :
The Gift that Keeps on GIving!
More Google Search Proof April 2016

Special Bonus Section - Includes FANTASTIC Discount Coupons :
Special Bonuses!