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YouTube Live Masterclass – Complete Guide to Audience Growth

Basic Introduction :
Minimum Equipment Needed for Desktop Streaming
Equipment Not Needed But Good To Have
Equipment Not Needed But Nice To Have Part 2
Creating An Account
Channel Status and Features
Setting The Upload Defaults
Setting Up The Branding
Creating An Associated Website
Private vs Unlisted vs Public
Going Live From Your Desktop
Using The Events Tab
Advanced Info and Settings for Live Streaming
Google Hangouts Settings
Google Hangout Left Margin Tools
Starting The Live Hangout
Google Slides - Alternative To Using Chat
Restream For Facebook Live And YouTube Live Simalcast Streaming
Streaming Through Mobile

Advanced YouTube Live Strategies :
Overview Of Advanced Strategies
Your Direct Shareable Link
Embedding Your Live Stream
Embedding Your Live Stream On Social Media
Excerpted Videos On Social Media
Channel Promotional Tool - Part 1
Channel Promotional Tool - Part 2
Creating a Channel Trailer
Create A Subscribe Link
Blurring Out Information In Your Recording
End Screens
Subtitles And Closed Captions
Setting Up Playlists
Advanced Settings And Increased Viewers
Community Subscriptions
Adding Audio
Channel URL