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Your complete guide to Agile, Scrum, Kanban

Introduction :
Course Introduction + free 120 page course book
What is Agile and why is it popular?
1 question

Let's explore Agile! :
What is Waterfall?
How does Agile differ from Waterfall?
EXAMPLE: Building a car using Waterfall and Agile
REVIEW: The differences between Waterfall and Agile
4 questions
The Agile Manifesto 1-2
The Agile Manifesto 3-4-5
REVIEW: Agile Manifesto 1-5
5 questions
The Agile Manifesto 6-7-8
The Agile Manifesto 9-10
The Agile Manifesto 11-12
REVIEW: Agile Principles 6-12
6 questions
The 4 Values of Agile

Planning your Agile Projects :
Adaptive Planning
Writing User Stories using INVEST
Examples of writing user stories
Let's write user stories!
1 question
Guide to Story Points and Estimations
Why count Business Value?
Creating an iteration - Business/Storypoint Scale
REVIEW: Planning an Agile Project
6 questions

Using Scrum and Kanban to run your project :
Let's look at Kanban!
Scrum Artifacts
Kanban Quiz
4 questions
Scrum Team Roles
Scrum Ceremonies
An example of a Burndown Chart
Creating a burndown chart
1 question
REVIEW: How do we work within our projects
6 questions
Scrum Master Test Prep Quiz 1
10 questions

The Scrum Product Owner :
The Product Owner and the Backlog
Prioritizing and How to build a Product Backlog
The GO Product Roadmap
Release Management
Creating a Product Vision
REVIEW: Scrum Product Owner
7 questions
Create a Vision, Product Backlog, Prioritize and Release plan
1 question

Problem detection, metrics and solutions :
Solving Problems: The 5 Why's
Solving Problems: The Fishbone Diagram
Problem Solving Test
5 questions
Scrum Master Prep Quiz 2
10 questions

Your Agile Toolbox :
Introduction to JIRA by Atlassian
Introduction to Trello by Trello
Planning Poker
MIRO - Online Whiteboard

Practical Examples and Helpful tips :
EXAMPLE: The Spotify Model
EXAMPLE: Storypoints oddly estimated

Yay, you're done! :
Final words and summary
Your next steps

Growing into a confident Scrum Master
Agile Transformation challenges

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