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YOLO v3 – Robust Deep Learning Object Detection in 1 hour

Introduction to Yolo V3 Object Detection :
How to Take This Course

The Quickest Way to get YoloV3 up and Running! :
The Very Brief Theory of Yolo v3
Execute Yolo V3

How to Train Yolo V3 - Training & Workflow :
4 Steps to Setting up a Supervisely Deep Learning Cluster
How to Web Scrape Images for your Dataset like a PRO!
The Best Way to Annotate your Dataset
How to let the AI Annotate your Dataset for you - Human in the Loop Annotation
Got Little Data? No Problem! Data Augmentation to the Rescue ;)
How to Train a Yolo V3 Network
A Quick and Easy Method Deploying your Custom Object Detector after Training

Post-Processing and Maintenance :
How to Record video, change bounding box color and add confidence percentage
Cleaning up you Supervisely Cluster and Cluster Maintenance

Conclusion :
Bonus Section

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