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Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing

Introduction :

Tools for Brainstorming Killer Content Ideas :
Brainstorming Hack
Tool for Researching the Internet's Most Shared Content
Tool for Brainstorming Content Ideas
Tool for Discovering Unique, Fun, and Engaging Copy Ideas

Tools for Performing Robust Keyword Research :
Keyword Research Hack
Tool for Simple, Bare Bones Keyword Research
Tool for Performing Keyword Research with Data Metrics
Tool for Performing Niche Keyword Research

Tools for Writing Persuasive Marketing Copy :
Marketing Copy Hack
Resource for Researching High-Performing Digital Marketing Copy
Resource for Studying Marketing Copy & Learning About the Psychology of Selling
Resource for Studying the Work of One of the Greatest Copywriters of All Time

Tools for Writing Killer Headlines :
Killer Headline Writing Hack
Tool for Generating Headlines by Filling in the Blanks
Tool for Generating Killer Headlines and Blog Topics
Tool for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Headlines

Tools for Word Processing and Digital Note-Taking :
Tool for Word Processing and Collaborating with Clients
Tool for Seamless Digital Note-Taking (For Mac/iOS Users)
Tool for Seamless Digital Note-Taking & Content Curation (For All Users)

Tools for Organizing Your Writing Workflow :
Tool for Organizing Articles, Videos, and Online Content
Tool for Setting Up Content Research Feeds
Tool for Organizing Your Workflow (Store Projects & Documents)

Tools for Finding the Perfect Word for Anything :
Robust Online Dictionary Tool
Tool for Finding the Perfect Word (Word Association Dictionary)
Tool for Adding Alliteration to Your Copy
Tool for Learning the Insider Language for Any Topic
Tool for Adding Rhyme to Your Copy

Tools for Polishing & Proofing Your Writing :
Tool for Automatically Proofing Anything You Write
Tool for Making Your Writing Flow
Tool for Making Your Writing Clear and Concise