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Write first assembly language program and run it on emulator

Introduction :
What you will learn in this course

Write our first assembly program and translate it to an object file :
Write our very first program in assembly language
Write your very first assembly program
1 question
GNU assembler, Linux Desktop, virtual machine & hypervisor
Install Ubuntu Desktop if no any other Linux distribution is available for you
1 question
Installing VirtualBox on macOS
Installing Ubuntu Desktop on VirtualBox (macOS)
Installing VirtualBox on Windows
Installing Ubuntu Desktop on VirtualBox (Windows)
Terminal, basic Linux commands and Binutils
Try the most commonly used Linux commands, and make sure GNU as is available
1 question
Copy this into your first.s file, if you do not want to write the code yourself
Assembly, object file, binary, hexadecimal, disassembly, architecture and i8086

Link the object file and run it on Bochs :
Linking, executable file or runnable, booting, POST, ROM, legacy BIOS, MBR & RAM
Assembly and link the program
1 question
Installing emulator Bochs-2.6.9 on Ubuntu18.04LTS
Run our first program using Bochs
Explain our first assembly language program line by line
Make a script file to save clicks
Run your program and make a sript file for it
1 question