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WordPress SEO: Complete SEO 2019 (Free Tools + Checklists)

Search Engine Optimization Introduction :
What Is SEO, How Was Growth In 2018?
How Google Engine Works?
Important Industry Acronyms

Keyword Research in 2019 (Step-by-Step) :
What is a Keyword and Why it is Important?
Broad vs Long Tail Keywords
Getting Started With Keyword Research
Finding Competitor On New Niche - I
Finding Competitor On New Niche - II
Finding Competitor On New Niche - III
Finding Top Keywords of Competitors
List of Competitor’s Keywords
Google’s Official Keyword Tool
Validating Keywords with Google Trends
Converting Broad Keywords into Long Tail Keywords
Google Search Suggestions

On-Page SEO :
Importance Of On-Page SEO
Website Tags - I
Website Tags - II
Importance Of Brand Factor
Keywords and URL Parameters
Utilizing Improvements?
Wordpress Website Pagespeed

Wordpress Speed Optimization :
Working On Real Website
What Can Lower Your Page Speed?
Why Page Speed Is Important?
Understanding The “Why”
Let’s Get Started - Analyzing Website For PageSpeed Test
Optimization Images - I
Optimization Images - II

Wordpress Security (CDN + SSL) :
What Is CDN - Adding CDN For Free?
Completing CDN Configuration - Adding Free SSL Certificate?

Wordpress Website Optimization :
Caching And HTML, CSS and JS Optimization
Page Speed SEO Technique- I
Page Speed SEO Technique - II
Leverage Browser Caching - Page Speed Test After Optimization
Browser Caching
Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages - I
Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages - II

Google Search Console (Webmaster) :
Introduction To Search Console
Create A Sitemap For Your Website
Adding Website To Google Search Console
Adding Sitemap To Google Search Console
Adding Different Version Of Website To Webmaster
Adding Website And Sitemap To Bing Webmaster
Alexa Ranking And How To Add Website
Submit Blog Post To Google For Fast Indexing
Find Top Ranking Keywords of Your Site

Backlink Building :
Link Building, Page Rank, Link Juice, Quality Vs Quantity
Dofollow And Nofollow Backlinks
Types Of Links
Target And Goals For Backlink Building Campaign
Backlink Building Techniques
Spying On Competitors
Internal Linking

Protecting Against Spam :
Protect Best Backlinks | Remove Spam Links

SEO Audit - Evaluating Search Engine Friendliness :
What is SEO Audit?
Performing - Basic SEO Audit
Understanding - Advance SEO Audit

Bonus - What Next? :
1 lecture
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