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WordPress Security: Secure Your Site Against Hackers!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Username and Password Security :
Introduction to the Username and Passwords Section
Make your Usernames Hard to Guess
Password Security: Sobering and Scary News - You MUST Watch This Video!
Improving the Security of the WordPress Admin User
An easy way to change your username with Username Changer plugin
How to Enable 2 Step Authentication to your WordPress Login

Keeping Software Up-to-Date and Understanding Basic "Webroot Hygiene" :
Introduction to the Updating Software Section
How To Make Sure You're Running Up To Date Software
Deleting Unnecessary Plug-ins through the WordPress backend
Deleting Unnecessary Themes through the WordPress backend
Home Directory And Webroot Hygiene And How To Access A Site's Files
Checking the File and Folder Permissions on the Server
Disable Directory Listing

Wordfence security plugin :
Introduction to the Wordfence Security Plugin
Why the Wordfence Security Plugin is so awesome
Activating Wordfence Security Plugin for WordPress Initial Essential Steps
Checking up on Wordfence 24 hour later
Making sure the firewall is enabled in Wordfence and more about the plugin
Further Tweaks to the Wordfence Security Plugin
What to do if you get locked out of WordPress by Wordfence Security Plugin

Backing Up :
Introduction to the Section on Backing-Up
An Introduction to Backing-up and Restoring WordPress Websites
Recommended WordPress Plug-ins for Backing-up and Restoring WordPress Sites
Scheduling Database and File Backups to the Cloud Using a Free Plugin
How to Restore a WordPress Website from a Backup

Extra WordPress Security Tasks - Really Lock Down Your Site :
Introduction to the Extra Security Tasks Section
Install WordPress Securely By Installing Manually
How To Get the Green Secure Padlock on an HTTPS SSL Website
Disable Error Reporting
Disable File Editing in the WordPress Dashboard
Protecting the wp-includes folder and the wp-config.php file
Prevent PHP Execution in the Uploads Directory and Reminder to Update Software

Conclusion :

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