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WordPress Rest API and Ionic 4 (Angular) App With Auth

Getting Started :
Introduction to Course
About Wordpress Rest API
About Ionic

Getting Started with Wordpress Rest API :
Wordpress Installation and Setup
Wordpress Rest Routes
Installing Plugins
Making Authenticated Requests Using Postman
Creating Custom Post Type Quote
Adding a Quote Using Postman

Creating Ionic 4 Application with Wordpress Rest API :
Ionic Installation and Setup
Creating New Project
Ionic Project Strucutre
Adding New Pages and Updating Tabs Menu
Adding UI for Showing Quotes
Creating Service
Showing Quotes From the Backend
Adding Skeleton Screens For Perceived Performance
Working on Quote Details Page
Authentication with Wordpress Rest API
Sharing Auth State
Creating Quote as Logged in User
Fixing Quotes Page Refresh Issue
Updating and Deleting Quote

Course Roundup :
Course Roundup

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