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WordPress: Create Stunning WordPress Websites for Business

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to Wordpress for Beginners 2016!

Finding your Domain Name :
What is a Domain?
What makes a good Domain Name
Finding the perfect Domain Name
Purchasing your Domain Name

Web Hosting :
What is Web Hosting?
Signing for Web Hosting

Installing Wordpress :
Pointing your Domain to your Hosting
Wordpress Installation
Changing some settings

Themes :
What are Themes?
Before installing the Theme (IMPORTANT!)
Installing our Theme

Customizing your Website :
Customizing our Theme
Creating Menus
Another way to Customize

Creating Content :
Creating Posts
Creating Pages
Creating About Us page
Creating Contact Us page

Essentials Plugins for your Website :
Sumo me
Facebook Social Plugins
Short links plugin
The Complete Plugin List! - Access here...
1 page

Website SEO - How to rank better on Google! :
Best SEO plugin

Protecting your website from attacks :
Best plugin for Wordpress Security
Always update all your plugins and Wordpress installation

How to Backup your Website :
Best Plugin to Backup your Website

Google Analytics for your Website! :
How to Add Google Analytics to your website

Super Tips + Students Questions :
How to show Categories in Two Columns
How to choose the best hosting plan?

Congratulations! :
Final words
1 page

Bonus :
Your Next Steps (IMPORTANT!)
Bonus: Enroll in ALL my Courses (Udemy Coupon Code)