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WordPress Complete Web Design :Latest WordPress Design Techs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction & installing Wordpress :
Wordpress Course Outline
Wordpress Course Resources
Wordpress Website Online Hosting
Installing Wordpress on our website
Installing Wordpress ocean wp Theme & Elementor page builder
Creating Wordpress website pages & Menus

Wordpress page builder Familiarization :
Quick tour in Elementor
Creative Art directions & layout inspirations for wordpress design
Familiarize with Elementor part 1 (sections)
Familiarize with Elementor Part2 (widgets)
Brain storming & tips for fast workflow with Elementor

Wordpress home page Design & development :
Wordpress header & banner design part 1
Wordpress header & banner design part2
Wordpress header & banner design part3
Wordpress website middle sections design & development
Wordpress Png section design
Wordpress email opt-in section design
Wordpress Testimonials Section Design
Wordpress Image carousel section design
Wordpress Website Footer Design
Wordpress Website theme Customizer tour & Logo
Finalizing our Wordpress home page & design tips

Wordpress About Us page Design & development :
Wordpress About us page design part1
Wordpress About us design part2
Wordpress About us design part3

Wordpress Contact Us & blog page design & development :
Wordpress website Contact Us page & blog page design
Creating Wordpress blog & posting with elementor

Wordpress Responsive website & publishing website :
Wordpress Mobile & Tablet Responsive website
Publishing Wordpress Website & Creating Maintenance & coming soon pages

Free Plugins to mimic the Elementor Pro :
Free plugins to convert your Elementor into Pro
10+ More Add-ons for Elementor

Exporting & importing our elementor pages :
Exporting & Importing our elementor web pages

Creating Our wordpress ecommerce store :
Installing Woocommerce Plugin ( for wordpress ecommerce )
Making first ecommerce product (simple product)
Variable ecommerce product
Up sells & Cross sells
Wordpress Woocommerce settings
Ecommerce Discount Coupons
Designing ecommerce store with elementor & wordpress theme

Wordpress website customization :
Converting wordpress website to HTTPS (SSL Certificate)
Google Analytics & webmasters Tool
Install Google Analyticator plugin
Wordpress Privacy Policy & Terms & conditions page
Speeding Up our wordpress website
Optimizing Images & Creative Art directions

Wordpress Website Backup, official email & more :
Website Domian official email
Wordpress Site back up & Trust Lock Seal
More About Wordpress Site back up
Wordpress Security Plugin

Bonus Section :
Congratulations & Thank You (Bonus Lecture)

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