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Wirecast Video Production and Live Streaming Master Class

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Wirecast Master Class :
Introduction to the course

Introduction and Software Download :
How Wirecast fits into the market
Downloading the software and getting started

Wirecast 7 Feature Review :
Wirecast 7 Interface Overview
Content Capture Options with Wirecast 7
Adding Graphics
Adding a Camera
Adding Audio
Building Camera Shots
Working with Web-Browser Inputs
Using Desktop Capture
Audio Mixer and Mix Minus
Social Media Integration
Wirecast Feature Quiz
2 questions

Recording and Streaming :
Recording Video with Wirecast
Streaming with Wirecast

Advanced Features :
Replay and ISO
Using Virtual Sets

How to broadcast "Television" Style
Video Marketing w/ Today's Social Media Outlets

BONUS! Hosting your own talk show with Wirecast :
How to bring Wirecast into Skype (or GoToMeeting, WebEX, ZOOM, ect)
How to host your own talk show by bringing Skype into Wirecast

Integrating Facebook Live Reactions into Wirecast :
Facebook Live Reactions in Wirecast
In-depth set up review for Facebook Live Reactions

Facebook's New Live Streaming Application :
Using Facebook's new Live Streaming Application

The Wirecast Gear :
Overview of live streaming with the Wirecast Gear
Using Wirecast to host a live talk show.