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Winning Option Strategies For Any Market

Course Foundation :
Legal Disclaimer
Course Agenda
NavigationTrading LIVE!
What Type Of Account Should I Apply For?
Options Basics
Why Options?
Stocks VS Options

Bullish Strategies - High Implied Volatility :
Short Naked Put
Short Put Vertical
Covered Call Strategy

Bullish Strategies - Low Implied Volatility :
Long Stock
Long Call
Long Call Vertical

Bearish Strategies - High Implied Volatility :
Short Naked Call
Short Call Veritcal
Covered Put

Bearish Strategies - Low Implied Volatility :
Short Stock
Long Put
Long Put Vertical

Trading Principals :
Backtesting Strategy Performance
How To Trade Options Like A Professional
Applying The Strategies
Position Sizing
Course Recap
Course Documents

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