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Windows Server 2019 Administration Essentials with Labs

Windows Server 2019 Overview. :
What is this Server?
How to buy a perfect server?
Choosing the right Edition of Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019 New Features - Hybrid Cloud
Windows Server 2019 New Features - Security Improvement
Windows Server 2019 New Features - Hyper Converged Infrastructure
When Should I upgrade to Windows Server 2019?

Setting up our Real life Lab :
What is Virtualization?
Our Windows Server 2019 lab diagram with two offices
Downloading and Installing Virtual Box
Downloading Windows Server 2019

Installing Windows Server 2019 :
Installing Windows Server 2019 for our Sanfrancisco Office
Working with Windows Server 2019 for the first time
Working with Windows Admin Center

Windows Server 2019 Storage :
Configuring and Testing RAID in Windows Server 2019
Creating Simple Volume
Creating and Testing Spanned Volume
Creating and Testing Stripped Volume
Creating and Testing RAID 1
Creating and Testing RAID 5
Working with Server 2019 Disk Management features

Windows Server 2019 Services :
Working With Windows Server 2019 Services - Concept
Configuring and Troubleshooting services in Windows Server 2019

Active Directory Services with Best Practices. :
Understating Active Directory Services
Active Directory Structure
FSMO Roles
Installing Active Directory Services as PDC for Sanfrancisco Office
Quick walk through Active Directory in Server 2019
Active Directory Best Practices
Applying Best Practices - Lab
Creating Active Directory Objects in Server 2019

Preparing Windows 10 Client Environment :
Downloading Windows 10
Installing Windows 10 for Sanfrancisco Office
Joining Windows 10 to the Domain

Preparing Additional Domain Controller :
Installing Windows Server 2019 for Additional Domain Controller
Installing and testing replication for Additional Domain Controller
Transferring FSMO Roles

Windows Server 2019 - DHCP :
Installing DHCP in Server 2016
Creating Scopes and testing
Other DHCP Options

Windows Server 2019 - DNS :
What is DNS