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Windows 10 Mastering Training – 98-349

Introduction :
Understand Windows 10 S and other versions of Windows
Choose the right training course

Getting Started :
Essential analogies for an operating system
Understanding the computer's login account
First time setup and signing in to the computer
Introducing the Start menu, taskbar, Actions Center, and Settings
Configuring a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals
Connecting to the internet
Using keyboard shortcuts
Sleep, shutdown, and restart
Updating Windows 10

Launching and Managing Applications :
Launch applications from the Start menu or taskbar
Quit applications
Pin applications to the Start menu and taskbar and customize the Start menu
Multitasking to switch between multiple applications
Switch to tablet mode
Use touch screen controls in Windows
Control Windows with a pen stylus

File Explorer The Windows Filing Cabinet :
Browse through folders
Understand essential folder structure, including the user folder
Use important menus and ribbons to set up File Explorer
Create folders, then move and copy files
Delete files
Manage the desktop folder
Use shortcuts to files and folders
Use an external drive or memory stick

Browsing the Web with Edge :
Browse the web with Edge
Download files
View and clear history

Working with Mail, People, and Calenders :
Link online accounts to Mail, People, and Calendar
Work with the Mail app
Use the Calendar
Manage your contacts in the People app
Use -My People- for quick communication

Using the Other Bundled Apps :
Set app privacy and permissions
Use Maps, Weather, and other bundled apps
Browse and edit photos
Manage and play music, movies, and TV shows
Create 3D objects in Paint 3D
Adjusting app notifications

Installing Apps and Printers :
Install applications from the Windows app store
Install applications from the web or install drive
Set application defaults
Uninstall applications
Lock app installation to the Windows Store
Add a printer

Essential Settings and Customization :
Change screen resolution
Adjust audio settings
Customize the desktop wallpaper and other visual details
Sleep and screensaver

Account Settings :
Manage multiple user accounts
security options
Change screen resolution

Using Cortana to Search:
Search and use voice commands in Cortana

Backing Up and Restoring:
Set up a full image backup
Set up a backup with the File History tool
Recover lost files using a File History backup
Some tips on manual backups

Protect a computer from viruses and troubleshoot problems
Access the Task Manager, Quick Link Menu and Control-Alt-Delete