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What Is “LEAN” or “AGILE” Business Analysis?

How Do Lean Principles Affect the Business Analysis Process? :
Welcome to the Course
Four Philosophies Dominate Current IT Development
Potential Wastes in Business Analysis and Requirements Discovery
Six Lean Principles to Combat Waste in Business Analysis
The Shift Focus from Project to Product in Lean and Agile

Lean Requirements Are the Prime Deliverable of Lean Business Analysis :
Requirements Constructs in an Agile, Lean Environment
Product Backlogs and Other Requirements Repositories and Kanban Boards
Managing or Grooming, and Seeding Product Backlogs
Knowing When to Do What in a Lean and Agile World

What Lean Techniques Does the One Wearing the BA Hat Need? :
Creating and Using a Product Vision (Next Big Thing)
Defining a Minimum Viable (Buyable) Product
Lean Requirements Communication Techniques
Lean Problem Analysis Reveals Business Needs
Writing SMART Features, Requirements, User Stories, and Epics
Using Cynefin to Manage Uncertainty
Right-Sizing Epics, Features, User Stories, and Requirements
Developing, Presenting, and Analyzing Visual Models
Acceptance or Business-Facing Testing

Wrap-up :
What Should You Do Now
Bonus Lecture: Where can I learn more?