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Webpack 2: The Complete Developers Guide

How to Use This Course :
Start Here!
Links to Github Repos

What Does Webpack Do? :
Why Do We Use Build Tools?
Javascript Modules
The Purpose of Webpack
Test Your Understanding
3 questions
Webpack in Action
Javascript Module Syntax
Linking Files with CommonJS
Webpack Installation and Configuration
More on Webpack Configuration
Running Webpack
The Bundle.js File
Running the App

Handling Project Assets :
Introduction to Loaders
Babel Setup for ES2015
Babel Configuration
Refactor to ES2015 Modules
Handling CSS with Webpack
The Style and CSS Loaders
Loaders are Tricky!
The Extract Text Plugin
Handling Images with Webpack
Automatic Image Compression
Public Paths

Building for Performance with Webpack :
Introduction to Code Splitting
Codesplitting in Practice
On Demand Code Loading
System Import Calls

Applying Webpack to a Real Project :
A Real World Project
Setting Up Babel
Minimum Webpack Config
Vendor Asset Caching
More on Vendor Caching
Refactoring for Vendor Splitting
Effect of Code Splitting
Troubleshooting Vendor Bundles
Chunk Hashing for Cache Busting
Cache Busting Wrapup
Cleaning Project Files

Webpack Dev Server :
Introduction to Webpack Dev Server
Gotchas with Webpack Dev Server

React-Specific Topics :
React Router with Codesplitting
Plain Routes with React Router Codesplitting

Webpack-Based Deployment for Static Sites :
Deployment Options
Getting Production Ready
Deployment with Surge (Easiest!)
Deployment with Github Pages
Deployment with AWS S3

Webpack-Based Deployment for Dynamic Sites :
Deployment of Servers
Node and Webpack Integration
Webpack Middleware in Development
Webpack Middleware in Production
Deployment to Heroku
Deployment to AWS
More on AWS Deployment