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Webinar Alchemy: 7-Day Webinar Sales Blueprint

Video Introducing this tutorial

Day 0: Introduction - Proof, 6-Figure Potential & Kickstarting :
Welcome - Starting $50k Webinars
Black Art Secret Facebook Community
DigiStrats University
Earnings Proof #1 ($50,229)
1 page
Earnings Proof #1B ($50,229)
Earnings Proof #2 ($58,077)
1 page
Earnings Proof #3 ($24,082)
1 page
Webinar Proof (10,000+ Registrants & Hundreds of Webinars)
Course Overview
What is a webinar? The art of the Live Pitch
Potential of Webinars - Courses, Software, Affiliates, Memberships, Evergreen
Mindmaps, Prezi, Google Hangouts, & More
5 Crippling Limiting Beliefs
Building 6-Figure Communities & Brands
Action Step: Your First Webinar

Day 1: 7-Figure Mental State :
Styles & Congruency - Your Live Pitch on the Digital Stage
Core Energy - The Millionaire Within
Energy, State & Standing Up - Improving your Vocals
Beta-Testing Confidence with BETA Group & Receive Free positive Reviews
Pitch & 100% Belief
Pacing - Silence & "Power" Points
Audience Engagement
Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
Action Step: State Pumper

Day 2: Webinar Building Blocks :
Overview - Promote Your Business with Webinars
$50,229 of Proof
Case Studies - When Joe Schmo Makes $7k
Numbers, Numbers, Numbers
Graphics Part 1 - Sourcing Images, Mockups, and Photoshop
Graphics Part 2 - Warning $10k+ Fines!
Step-By-Step Blueprints
Novelty - High Conversions in the Long Run
Action Step: Quantify Resume

Day 3: Masterminding a $50,229 Webinar Product :
$10k Product Ideas
Product Structuring
PDFs, Scripts & "Virtually Physical" Items
Member's Area Platforms - Quickily Have Area for Delivery
$100K Course Outline - Plug & Chug into Our Tool to Have Your Product Outlined
Physical Deliverable: $100k Course Outline
3 pages
Product Hacks - Creating Products with "No Product"
Physical Deliverable: The Exploitation Script - Proven copy/paste bait messages
3 pages
Action Step: Create Product Outline

Day 4: Crafting a $50,229 Presentation :
Eye-Popping Presentation Templates- Where to Acquire as Starters for Your Pitch
Physical Deliverable: $1.9 Million Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Template
6.8 MB
5-Minute Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass
Mindmaps, Prezi, Webpages & Other Presentation Tools
20-Point "Fill-in-the-Blank" Outline
Physical Deliverable: $50,229 20-Point Webinar Outline
5 pages
Title & State Breakers
Big Promises
Personal Introduction - The Hero's Journey
Emotional Psychology - NLP & Mind Tricks
Building the Case with Stats
Actionable Content - Getting Customers Real Results
PDFs, Scripts & "Virtually Physical" Items
Live & Pre-Recorded Demos - Automate Your Webinars Evergreen Style
Case Studies & Proof
Transitioning & Pitching - Closing the Sale
Stacking Value & Price Cuts
Doubling Conversions: Link, Bonuses, Scarcity, Countdown Timers, Dimesales
Guaranteeing Results & Recap
Live Login, Action, Q&A & Support Desks. Providing Customer Service & Followup
Action Step: Complete the 20-Point "Fill-in-the Blank" Outline

Day 5: Traffic of 800+ Attendees to Your Webinar :
Creating Your 1st Sales Webinar
800+ Attendee Email Sequence
JV Strategy
JV Channels
The 6-Figure Inner Circle Script - Exact Proven Skype Message to Send to JVs
Physical Deliverable: The 6-Figure Inner Circle Script
3 pages
$50,229 Shocking Demos
The $80k Secret (100% Commissions)
Action Step: Contact 10 JVs

Day 6: The Professional Studio Setup for Webinars :
Rebooting & Embarrassing Moments - How to Clean Your PC Before the Webinar
Hollywood Sound - Which Headsets to Buy & Avoid with Exact Links
Pre-Opened Tabs & Demos
Testing - Oh No, There's NO Sound!
Triple Recording for Evergreen to Turn into Future Product
Faux Pas Galore
When Bad S*** Happens!
Action Step: Buy Equipment

Day 7: Webinar Systems - GoToWebinar, ClickWebinar, Google Hangouts On Air, More :
GoToWebinar Part 1 - Creating the Webinar
GoToWebinar Part 2 - Launching the Webinar
ClickWebinar - Discount Coupon & Training on Robust Platform with Community Chat
Action Step: Setup Free Accounts

Conclusion :
Action Steps for Your Free 1-on-1 Session
Secret Discounts
Final Exam
7 questions

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Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 7
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