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Vue JS + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud

Introduction :
Introduction - Microservices vs Monolithic
Architecture Of All System

Preparation For Microservices, Spring Boot, Intellij, Lombok :
Source Code
Prerequests For Server Side - Tools And Frameworks
How Can We Open And Import Project In Intellij (Demo)
Lombok Installation On Intellij
Lombok Overview And Basic Annotations
Spring Boot - Overview, Basic Annotations, Dependency Injection...

User Service - (Spring Boot, MySQL, Liquibase...) :
Source Code For User Service
Open User-Service in Intellij
Configuration - Application Properties
Hibernate Overview And Basic Annotations
User Model Class And Enum Role Class
Liquibase Overview
SQL And Basic Queries
Liquibase Implementation For User Model Class
Java Persistence API (JPA) Repository Overview And Custom Queries
User Repository Implementation - JPA Repository
User Service Implementation - MVC
Rest Controller Overview - Request (Get, Post, Put, Delete, Patch), Response
User Controller Implementation

User Service - (Spring Security Implementation) :
Spring Security Overview
Authentication In Spring Security
User Details Service Implementation - Spring Security
Spring Security Default Configurations
Spring Web Security Configuration

Eureka Server :
Source Code For Eureka Server
Configuration - Application Properties
Run And Test Eureka Server

User Service - (Enable Eureka And Test) :
Enable Eureka in User Service
Test Eureka With User Service
Run And Test User Service

Course Service - (Second Main Microservice) :
Source Code For Course Service
Installation With Spring Initializer
Configuration - Application Properties
Course Model Class Implementation
Transaction Model Class Implementation
Liquibase Implementation For Model Classes
Liquibase Implementation For Test Data
Course And Transaction JPA Repository Implementation
Course Service Implementation
Feign Client Implementation From Course Service To User Service
Course Controller Implementation
Enable Eureka Service On Course Service
Allowing Origins for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Run And Test Course Service

Gateway Service - (Spring Netflix Zuul Gateway Service) :
Source Code For Gateway Service
Timeout Configuration
Allowing Origins for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Reach To Microservices Via Gateway Service
Run And Test Zuul Gateway Service
Load Balance Example On User Service

Client Side Preparation - Vue JS 2 (Vuex) :
Source Code For Client Side
Vue JS Overview - Basic Components, Templates...

Client Side - (Vue JS Implementation) :
Installation - Vue Command Line Interface
Configuration - Bootstrap, Fontawesome...
Component Templates (Template, Script, Style)
JavaScript Overview - Types, Destructuring, Equal Operators...
Model Classes Implementation - (User, Transaction)
User Service Implementation
Login Page Implementation
Register Page Implementation
Course Service Implementation
Profile Page Implementation
Home Page Implementation
Detail Page Implementation
Navigation Bar Implementation
Vuex Store Implementation For Alert Messages

Result :
Test It After All