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Vue JS – Mastering Web Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing the Course :
Introducing the Course
Introducing the Instructor
Introducing Vue
Installing Node
Installing a Code Editor
Forking the Repository

Understanding Vue Syntax and Essentials :
Vue Syntax and Essentials
The Vue Instance
Directives and V-if
V-for for List Renderings
V-on for Clicking
V-model and Computed Properties
Lifecycle Hooks
Section Overview | Vue Syntax and Essentials

Building Notemaster | Application One :
Previewing Notemaster
Setting Up Notemaster
Using V-models for the Note Form
Adding Notes
Looping Through and Removing Notes
Section Overview | Notemaster

Starbase | Application Two :
Previewing Starbase
Setting Up Starbase
.Vue Files
Basic Styling with CSS
Coding Break | Web Requests
Introducing the API
Creating a Character Component
Finalizing Character Behavior
Structuring the Characters
Section Overview | Starbase

Starbase-Router | Application Three :
Previewing Starbase-Router
Setting Up Starbase-Router
Quickly Styling the App
Introducing VueRouter
Coding Break | VueRouter
Router-Linking Different Pages
Developing the Data Component
Creating an Item Component
Adding the SwitchItem Method
Section Overview | Starbase-Router

Jokester | Application Four :
Previewing Jokester
Setting Up Jokester
Understanding Vuex
Creating the Store
Mutating the Store
Acting Upon the Store
Coding Break | The Vuex Recipe
Building a Joke Component
Adding One Joke at a Time
Removing Jokes
Filtering Jokes
Section Overview | Jokester

Turnout | Application Five :
Previewing Turnout
Setting Up Turnout
Adding VueRouter
Introducing Firebase
Signing In
Storing Data with Vuex
Signing Out
Developing the Sign Up Component
Coding Break | Authentication
Submitting Events
Adding a Realtime Database
Initializing Events in Store
Creating the EventItem Component
Section Overview | Turnout

Concluding the Course :
Final Remarks
Bonus Lecture: Exclusive Course Discounts