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Voice-Over Training: Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What exactly is the job of a voice over + Create Character Voices

Set Up, Equipment & Resources :
Introduction To Setting Up And Getting Started
Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio
Voice Over Recording Equipment
Audio Editing Software
Recording At An External Studio

Voice Training :
Warming Up Your Voice
How To Improve The Resonance And Depth Of Your Voice
Mouth Closure
The Five Vocal Elements
Inflection - The Upwards and Downwards Pitch Movement Between Each Word
Colouring Words And Showcasing Product Names
Sentence Ends
How To Voice Questions
Reading Lists
Speaking Naturally
Speaking With Variety
Colouring Words
How To Voice Hard Words And Numbers Correctly
Hard URL's and Web Addresses

Reading Scripts And Using Appropriate Voice Styles :
Top 3 Mistakes New Voice Overs Make
Sight Reading
Getting In The Head Of The Listener
Anchoring Voice Styles And Accents
The "Announcer" Voice
The "Narrator" Voice
The "Hard Sell" Voice
The "Trainer" Voice
Arm Movements When Recording

Testing Your Skills And Video Showcase Examples :
Test Scripts For You To Read
Video Showcase Part 1 - Live Examples
Showcase Part 2 - Live Examples
Showcase Part 3 - Live Examples
Showcase Part 4 - Live Examples

Audio Editing And File Types :
Introduction To Audio Editing
Reading Waveforms
Keyboard Shortcuts
Audio File Types
Dealing With Multiple Files
Editing Exercises
The "Magic Booster" Technique

Marketing Your Services, Finding Work And Building Your Voice Over Business :
The Business Model And Workflow
Top 10 Tips For Your Voice Over Website
Creating Demo Showreels
Marketing Your Services Part 1
Marketing Your Services Part 2
Auditioning Online
Notes On Using Contracts
Audio Books
Prioritising Work
Templates And Boilerplates (Downloadable Templates)
House Keeping And Staying Organised
Paying Tax As A Voice Over
Top 10 Tips
Q&A Videos and V.I.P Access