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Udemy Visual Studio Code – Master the Complete VS Code environment

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the Course
Course Overview
Getting Stated with VS Code
What is Visual Studio Code & Why us it?
Download and Install VS Code on Mac & PC

The UI (Uses Interface) :
Basic UI Orientation
Creating / Opening / Editing / Deleting Project Folders and Files
Save and Auto Save
Changing the Display Language
Grid System - Splitting up the Editor
Mini Map, Word Wrap, Zoom and Font Size

Increase Productivity :
Emmet HTML & CSS Shortcuts
Optional Download Emmet
Find and Replace
Navigate the Code

Visual Studio Code Extension :
VS Code Extensions
Essential Extensions
Optional Extensions
Environmental or Specific Extensions

Higher Productivity - Snippets :
Using Snippets and Costume Snippets

VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac & PC :
Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts
Linux Keyboard Shortcuts
Create you own Keyboard Shortcuts & New File Extension
Import other Keymap extensions

Customizing VS Code :
VS Code own Color Themes
Extensions for Custom Themes and Icons
Customizing your own Theme

The Terminal :
The Integrated Terminal

Settings Sync :
Sync up VS Code with different work spaces

Setting up Node.js & npm in VS Code :
What is Node.js
Setting up Node.js and npm on PC
Setting up Node.js and npm Mac

Using React in Visual Studio Code :
What is React
Setting up React

Using Angular in Visual Studio Code :
What is Angluar?
Setting up Angular
Installing Angular on Mac issue

Using Vue in Visual Studio Code :
What is Vues?
Setting up Vue

Using Python in Visual Studio Code :
What is Python
Setting up Python