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Visual Composer for WordPress

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Pre-Requisits For This Course

Initial Steps :
Installing Visual Compser
Settings Preview

Basic Usage of Builder :
What are Templates
Adding New Row
Working With Text Blocks
Stretching Row and Parralex
Making Parralex Image
Oterh Options for Row

Images and Media :
Using Single Image
Using Image Gallery
Adding Videos
Adding Media Grid
Using Image Carousal

Bars & Charts :
Using Progress Bar
Using Pie Chart
Using Round Chart
Using Line Chart
Using Bar Charts

Buttons & Tabs :
Using Simple Buttons
Using CAT (Call To Action)
Using Tabs
Using Tour
Using Pageable Container

Misc Elements :
Using Icons
Separator With Text
Using Simple Seperator
Using Message Box
Using FAQs
Using Accordians
Using Custom Heading and Empty Space
Adding Widgets
Misc Items
Where To Go Next

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