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VirtualBox 1.9: Advanced Features and Practical Use

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What is VirtualBox? Learning the Basics
Pros and Cons

Setup :
Downloading and Installing VirtualBox
First Look and OS Selection

Virtual Machine Basics :
Downloading the ISO
Creating a Virtual Machine
VM Configuration - RAM, Boot Priority, Chipset, Pointing Device, EFI
VM Configuration - Processor, Display and Video Capture
VM Configuration - Storage, Optical Drives, Audio and Network
VM Configuration - Serial Ports, USB Ports, Shared Folders and Interface

Linux Ubuntu :
First Start, Host Key and Partition Modes
Erasing the VDI, Installing the OS, Login Info, Unmounting the ISO
Login, Status Icons and Terminal
Improving the Performance with Guest Additions
The Filesystem, IP Address and Shared Folder Group

Web Server, Network Configuration and Terminal :
Preparing the OS and Downloading the Server
Installing XAMPP and Accessing the LocalHost
Testing the Server and Opening the Access to it from LAN
Accessing the Web Server from the Host OS, Basic Server Management
Snapshots and Detaching GUI with Different Start Modes

Elementary OS :
Introduction and Download
Installation and Credentials
First Start and Installing Guest Additions Manually
Update and Upgrade from the Terminal

Windows OS :
Configuring VM and Installing Windows 7
Initial Config and Guest Additions