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Udemy Virtual Reality – The New Frontier of Digital Marketing

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Why now is the time for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality, the brain, and key elements of a good VR/AR experience :
What VR and storytelling do to your brain
The three main elements of transformational stories

The Hero's Journey in VR & Why we need a new formula :
The Hero's Journey Applied to VR
How immersive storytelling is different

Technical elements and important factors to identify :
Technical Elements to Identify and Leverage in VR
Storytelling Through the Environment in VR

Identifying your target audince :
Identifying your Target Audience for VR/AR

Scriptwriting for VR - how it's different :
Scriptwriting for Immersive Storytelling

The New Age of Marketing, Where do we go from here? :
The Future of Marketing - from Passive to Interactive