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Viralnomics: Creating YouTube video ideas that Go Viral

Video Introducing this tutorial

Viralnomics: Get on the road to virality. :
Welcome to the Course - Viralnomics
Viral Idea 1 - Creating Viral Fan Reaction Videos
Viral Idea 2 - Reviewing popular Slideshare presentations
Viral Idea 3 - Announcing Industry news in news style format
Viral Idea 4- Making Explainer Videos that engage viewers
Viral Idea 5- Remixing Creative Commons videos from YouTube
Viral Idea 6 - Leveraging the unboxing videos trend
Viral Idea 7- Using creative commons video from Vimeo
Viral Idea 8- New concepts for Prank or Parody videos
Viral Idea 9- Great ideas for movie, book, character reviews
Viral Idea 10- Creating ridiculous challenge videos
Viral Idea 11- Best concepts for “Chipmunk” style music videos
Viral Idea 12- Re-enacting videos from famous movies
Viral Idea 13- Become the FB post commentator
Viral Idea 14- Conduct a Q&A session about anything

Bonus Lectures :
Bonus Viral Idea- YouTube SEO Trick that will always work
Ultra Bonus Viral Idea- Convert Creative Commons Videos to Sketch
One More Bonus Idea For Tagging Videos
Congrats on completing the course - A big thank you!