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Vid Summit 2017

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Day 1 :
01-Owen Hemsath - Cross Platform Optimization & Promotion To Grow Audience
02-Jeremy Vest - Boosting Website Traffic With Facebook Live
03-Luria Petrucci-Advanced LIVE Video Marketing Strategies
04-Travis Chambers-Facebook Ad Targeting-Reaching The Right People
05-Rob Sandie-Data Driven Decisions-How To Really Explode YouTube Channel & Business
06-Derral Eves - Creative Tactics to Leverage The YouTube Algorithm
07-Cyrene Q - Weaving Creativity into Your Branded Content
08-Michael Ronen - Engage Your Audience With The Latest AI-AR
09-Gary Vaynerchuk - Keynote Address
10-Ricky Ray Butler - For Brands & Creators-The Rules of Working Together
11-Dan Lok - How To Make Big Money From A Small Channel
12-Nykelle Schlofman - A Changing Digital Landscape-How To Stay Ahead
13-Joel Comm - Future of Live Streaming and How it Affecmpg You & Your Content
14-Rachel Farnsworth - Growing, Leveraging & Monetizing a Facebook Audience
16-Sean Cannell, Judy & Benji Travis - Balancing YouTube Growth & Family Life Without Going Crazy
17-Matthew Faraci - Getting The Worldwide Media to Cover Your Content
18-Rachel Farnsworth - Growing, Leveraging & Monetizing a Facebook Audience
19-Shaun McBride - Making the Brand The Hero

Day 2:
01-Jon Penberthy - How to Generate 7 Figures A Year With Simple 5 Minute Videos
02-02-Peter Hollens - Collaborations-How To Work Together To Create Massive Success
03-Vivint - Brand Deals 2.0
04-Joey Fredrick - Real Tactics To Make Your Thumbnails More Clickable
05-Roberto Blake - Creating Daily Content Without Burning Out
06-Tommie Powers - Setting Up Facebook Video Ads Campaigns That Really Convert
07-Matt Gielen - Cracking YouTube in 2017
08-08-Jake Larsen - Moving From Small Retainers To Untapped Income
09-Joel Comm, Michael Stelzner, Luria Petrucci, Paul Richards, Nicholas Mattingly, Will Jamieson-Gear, Sof
10-Jake Wampgon - Visual Effecmpg-Making Your Video Look Like a Million Bucks Without a Million Bucks
11-Stephen & Carter Sharer - Dominate YouTube Trends To Explode Your Audience
12-Jeremy Johnston, JD - Negotiating Better Brand Deals To Earn What Your Worth
14-Lizza Monet Morales - Emerging Market in Latin America
15-Jonathan Katz, Esq - Smarter Contracmpg for Creators
16-Paul Colligan - Driving Your Podcast to the Top of the iTunes Charmpg
17-Garrett Gee - Keynote Address

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