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Very Easy Techniques to Draw Good Picture and Draw Cartoons

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to course :
Introduction to course

Different techniques to improve drawing skills :
Some things need to make good picture
Think what you want to draw
Sketch the basic form,you are trying to draw
Erase and redraw
Improving your drawing skills
How to improve drawing skills
Practice shading
Help and advice
Keep practicing and enjoy drawing
Sketch trial lines very lightly
Start sketch
Do 30-seconds sketches

Easy drawing with different method :
Choose the method that you want to use
How we can draw lips
How to draw 3D box
How to draw a beautiful Rose
Understanding the fundamental of art

Easy method to draw cartoony drawing :
Easy to draw cartoon boy
How to draw a Honey bee with easy method
How to draw Pikachu
How to draw cartoony hearts
How to draw a frog
Very easy to draw Penguin