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Vagrant Fundamentals for Achieving DevOps Success

Getting Started :
What is Vagrant?

Installing Vagrant :
Installing Virtualbox
Installing Virtualbox on Windows (Bonus)
Installing Vagrant
Installing Vagrant on Windows (Bonus)

Vagrant Boxes :
Introduction to Vagrant Boxes
The Vagrant Cloud
Downloading Vagrant Boxes

Deploying Your First Vagrant Environment :
Create a New Vagrant Project
Project Configuration: Vagrantfile
Boot Your First VM

Managing Vagrant VMs :
Interacting with a Vagrant VM
Suspending and Resuming VMs
Rebooting and Destroying VMs

Deploying Content to Vagrant :
Using Vagrant Provisioners
Deploy Using The File Provisioner
Using Synced Folders

Vagrant Networking :
Introduction to Networking in Vagrant
Configuring Port Forwarding
Private and Public Networks