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User Stories for Agile Scrum+Product Owner+Business Analysis

Introduction :
Welcome to your Agile User Stories Training
Agile Terms Used in this Course
1 page
Agile Recap

The World Before User Stories (why do we need user stories anyway) :
Learning Objectives
The History: Traditional Requirements Documents
The Birth of User Stories

User Story Principles :
Learning Objectives
The INVEST Principle
The Three Cs Formula

User Story basics (capturing a requirement) :
Learning Objectives
How to write a User Story Description (using The Three Rs)
Who writes user stories
1 page
How to write Acceptance Criteria (capturing the detail and any edge cases)
Edge Cases and Acceptance Criteria - Definitions

Epics and Themes (capturing large or vague requirements) :
Learning Objectives
What is an Epic
What is a Theme

Splitting and Combining User Stories :
Learning Objectves
When to split user stories
How to split User stories
Combining Stories
2 pages

Final Words and Summary :
Learning Objectives
Final Words
FEEDBACK: Reviews and Discussion
1 page

Bonus Materials and Course Summary :
Index Cards (for writing user stories)
1 page
Product Backlog, User Stories & Estimation - from Audiobook "The Power of Scrum"