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Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling

Introduction :
What You'll Learn In This Course
Direct Benefits of Cleaning and Upgrading Hardware

Getting Familiar with Components: Hardware Overview :
Quick Glance at Storage and RAM
Hardware Layout on a Different Model

Cleanup :
Blowing Dust

Storage Replacement :
Disk Removal
Swap / Re-Install

Identifying Areas of Improvement for RAM :
Identifying RAM + Removal
Re - Installation

Journey to the CPU :
Keyboard Removal
Full Case Dismantle
Motherboard Removal
Removing CPU Cooling Unit and Cleaning the CPU Itself

Re - Assembly :
Applying Fresh Thermal Paste & Heatsink Re-Install
Mantling the Motherboard
Keyboard Installation and Case Completion

Wrap-up :
Laptop Upkeep

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